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          RINCO was registered at the Ministry of Commerce in late 2014, previously known as in BSI, established since 2011, located in Phnom Penh to distribute quality safety equipment in compliance with international standards and provides security training to customers both in Phnom Penh and in the provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
          Our main aim is to help companies who are willing to workplace safety at their workplace and take into account the safety workers. Safety equipment required by customer can be obtained by calling (+855) 12 29 29 21 / 89 33 80 81. We have free shipping orders from customers to anywhere in Phnom Penh for free and facilitates delivery to other provinces.
          We have staff with many years of experience in safety and have been trained to participate in both national and international workshops, has experience in teaching, both theoretical and practical, presentations at workshops both at home and abroad. We specialize in technical advice and help select safe and appropriate equipment for customer use.
More information: (+855) 12 791 555 / Email: admin@rinco-kh.com

          Safety equipment provides additional workplace protection to employees when all other safety measures are applied. Training in the use of safety equipment is essential, to ensure that equipment provides as much protection as possible.

          The technical information on this website concerning the various activities of work at heights are merely examples and must be integrated and redrafted in the risk assessment phase prior to beginning any activity or work, bearing in mind the specific legislation of each individual country or industry. The techniques pointed out in this catalog have no educational value: the use of these techniques and the relative P.P.E. must be preceded by specific, professional education and training.


          Technical & Services Support is very important for the user, it helps the user to understand more about the product, application, operation and maintenance, storage. This helps to have a correct selection and use the equipment to the demand of the user, giving a product longer life, saving the operation cost, available the spare parts from the manufacturer and its technical repairing.

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